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Why Invest in Dubai

Why Invest in Dubai

Dubai is continuously developing and is one of the most productive cities from the Emirates that offer many investment opportunities in different sectors and domains. With huge perspective, rich culture and excellent business environmentDubai is also a great place to live and to develop as a foreign entrepreneur. Our accountants in Dubai can offer you details and information if you wish to make investments in the city and to open a business here.

Dubai has a great taxation system

Investors should know from the beginning that Dubai has a tax-free environment for enterprises and economic constancy, reasons why the city is on top of the list when thinking to establish a business. There are exemptions for corporate taxes, there is no need for a minimum capital for investments and there are no personal income taxes. It is good to know that a foreign businessman can open a company in Dubai without having to create a partnership with a local entrepreneur in the free zones. We remind that Dubai has free zones, where you can set up businesses without any constraints.

The most attractive industries in Dubai to invest in

Dubai is an international center for business, where overseas financiers have the opportunity to properly invest in real estate, tourism, logistics, construction, banking sector, agriculture, transportation, IT, and retail. The UAE government has implemented numerous incentives in these important business sectors, therefore making them more attractive to foreign investors worldwide. Regarding the workforce in Dubai, you should know that there are many young and talented people, with suitable qualifications in different domains.

As a reminder, if you want to establish your business in the city, you can also ask for audits in Dubai. Our Dubai accountants are ready to offer proper services and can guide you when establishing your presence in the city.

Types of companies in Dubai

Before you start any business in Dubai, you should obtain the needed licenses, in order to properly perform activities in the city. The Dubai Department of Economic Development is in charge of issuing the professional licenses, the commercial and the industrial ones. If you are an overseas investor who wishes to set up a company in Dubai, you have the possibility to open partnerships, and free zone enterprises in the city. The limited liability company in Dubai is one of the most preferred entities in the city because:

•    the registration procedure is simple;
•    there are tax exemptions;
•    you have maximum ownership;
•    you can deal with any business sector.

Why invest in Dubai?

As a short conclusion, Dubai is the place to live in and to do business because there are no income taxes, no rental income fees if you buy a property, the tourism is developing daily, the infrastructure is excellent, and the real estate is quite a success.

If you want additional information about the investment opportunities in Dubai, you can contact our accounting firms in Dubai. You can also receive accounting services for your company.