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Wealth Management in Dubai

Wealth Management in Dubai

Wealth management in Dubai is the type of service that addresses those interested in investing and money management. Foreigners who want certain strategies regarding financial products and services can turn to our Dubai accountants. We are here to advise you and offer you the support you need in this direction. Personalized tax services are offered on request.

 Quick Facts  
Regulatory body for wealth management in Dubai   Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) 

Islamic finance options 

Sharia-compliant wealth management solutions are available.  

Fund types  

– mutual funds;

– private equity funds;

– real estate funds;

– hedge funds.

Fund managers  Licensed and regulated by the DFSA 
Fund administrator 

Often required for fund operations 

 Custodian bank (yes/no)

Yes, for certain types of funds 

Passporting in Dubai 

 Yes, within the DIFC for financial services firms

Double tax treaties 

Approx. 137 with various countries 

Stable political environment 


Strategic location  Key hub connecting the East and West 

UAE Dirham (AED) 

 Professional service providers for wealth management in Dubai 

Our agents offer services related to wealth management in Dubai. To learn more about our services, contact our Dubai accountants. 

Investor protection  

Provided through DFSA regulations and oversight 

Wealth planning and succession services 

We offer estate planning and intergenerational wealth transfer strategies in Dubai.  

 Our other services  In addition to our wealth management services, we are ready to provide valuable support with payroll and taxation matters.  

Financial advice vs. wealth management 

Financial advice and wealth management are related concepts but differ in scope and focus:

Financial advice:

  • Financial advice typically refers to guidance provided by financial professionals to individuals or businesses on specific financial matters, such as investments, retirement planning, budgeting, debt management, insurance, and tax planning.
  • Financial advice can be transactional, where a client seeks advice on a particular financial decision or issue, such as buying a home, investing in stocks, or setting up a retirement account.
  • Financial advisors may offer advice on a fee-for-service basis, commission-based, or a combination of both, depending on the advisor’s business model and the services provided.

Wealth management:

  • Wealth management in Dubai encompasses a broader and more comprehensive approach to managing an individual’s or family’s financial affairs and assets.
  • Our wealth management services in Dubai typically include investment management, financial planning, estate planning, tax optimization, retirement planning, risk management, and philanthropic planning.
  • Our wealth managers work closely with clients to develop customized financial strategies tailored to their unique goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation.
  • Wealth management in Dubai often involves a holistic approach that considers various aspects of a client’s financial life and aims to provide integrated solutions to optimize wealth accumulation, preservation, and transfer across generations.
  • Wealth management services in Dubai are offered by our specialized wealth management firms within larger financial institutions, and clients often have substantial assets or complex financial needs.

In summary, while financial advice focuses on providing guidance on specific financial decisions or issues, wealth management takes a more comprehensive approach, addressing a broader range of financial matters and providing integrated solutions to help individuals and families achieve their long-term financial goals. If you are looking for wealth management services in Dubai, we can offer assistance. 

Furthermore, our accountants in Dubai extend a spectrum of additional services beyond wealth management. Should you require assistance with audit services for your company in Dubai, we invite you to reach out to us. Our team of skilled accountants is well-equipped to provide comprehensive audit solutions tailored to your business needs. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and proficiency to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your financial reporting processes. Please do not hesitate to consult our accounting firm in Dubai for further information or to discuss how we can support your audit requirements effectively.

What is wealth management and how can it help you?

Investment advisory is the same as wealth management. This service can be requested by affluent clients and investors interested in good money and investment management. A wealth management advisor can help you plan the financial goals but also explain the potential risks. Let’s review some of the key aspects of wealth management:

  • Customers can benefit from financial planning for 5 years.
  • An advisor can outline the investor profile, and then provide investment strategies and savings.
  • Estate planning is part of the wealth management services in Dubai.
  • Specialized assistance is provided for tax services and accounting for those interested.
  • Retirement plans can be made with the help of a wealth management advisor in Dubai.

The needs of an investor are carefully analyzed in order to provide complete wealth management in Dubai. Usually, investment advisory services are provided by professionals in the field, for a fee set from the beginning. Learn from our specialists about wealth management in Dubai and the benefits that businesspeople can enjoy.

High net worth individuals and wealth management in Dubai

People with great wealth are advised to seek specialized help. This is where wealth management in Dubai and the experts in the field who can offer support come into play. Wealth management is the tool with which investment plans and savings are established, depending on the needs of a high-net-worth individual.

An integrated approach by creating a strategic plan is the tool that a wealth management advisor in Dubai can offer. He/she will first analyze the financial resources and then draw up a doable wealth management strategy in Dubai. This way, high-net-worth individuals will know better what happens to their money, how they are invested, and what the savings are.

Talk to our local agents about wealth management in Dubai and the tools that can help you in the future.

Regulatory framework for wealth management in Dubai

Dubai’s wealth management sector operates within a robust regulatory framework aimed at safeguarding investors’ interests. Familiarizing yourself with the regulations, licensing procedures, and oversight bodies is essential to ensure you engage with reputable financial advisors. Key regulatory entities such as the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), the UAE Central Bank, and the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) play pivotal roles in upholding transparency and stability in the financial landscape.

Before selecting a wealth management firm, it is imperative to verify their adherence to regulatory requirements and confirm their licensing status. Conduct thorough due diligence, seek recommendations, and assess their track record, particularly in serving expatriates in Dubai. By prioritizing compliance and regulatory adherence, you can confidently entrust your wealth to a reputable wealth management partner in Dubai. 

Should you require the expertise of licensed and reputable wealth managers in Dubai, we encourage you to consult us. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals dedicated to providing top-tier wealth management services tailored to your specific needs and goals. With our commitment to regulatory compliance, you can trust us to safeguard and grow your wealth effectively. Please reach out to us for further information or to schedule a consultation. 

Collaboration with financial experts

A wealth management advisor can work with financial experts, lawyers, and accountants. This collaboration does nothing but offer the best financial planning solutions and strategies in the service of the client. In this case, we can discuss banking services, as part of wealth management services in Dubai. Clients can also request information about charitable activities and donations if they intend to have such activities.

Looking for payroll in Dubai? Our team of specialists can explain the procedures for calculating and delivering salaries in the company, respecting internal regulations, and more. We are also here if you are interested in the recruitment of new personnel as well as the registration of employees. In addition, we can offer management reporting and cost analysis, at the request of company owners or managers. You can consult us online or by phone and you can benefit from a free case evaluation.

Why work with our advisors

Our wealth management advisors in Dubai have experience on many fronts and can provide personalized services for each client. Rely on our team of experts if you want to have better control over the money and wealth you own.

UAE economy statistics

Here are some statistics about the UAE economy, if you want to invest in this country:

  • The UAE secured the second position globally for greenfield FDI projects in 2023, with a total of 1280 projects;
  • There was a remarkable 36% year-on-year surge in the number of greenfield FDI projects in the UAE, elevating it from fifth place in 2022 to second place in 2023;
  • Abu Dhabi also experienced substantial growth, ranking 6th globally with 172 projects, demonstrating an impressive 74% increase year-on-year;
  • According to the World Investment Report 2023 by UNCTAD, the UAE attracted foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows totaling USD 22.737 billion in 2022.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time for the latest insights on the UAE economy prior to making any investment decisions. In addition to providing up-to-date economic information, we also offer comprehensive accounting services in Dubai. Whether you’re in need of payroll assistance in Dubai, our team is fully equipped to support you. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, we ensure precision and adherence to local regulations, enabling you to optimize your payroll operations seamlessly.

Contact our accounting firm in Dubai and make an appointment. We can help you plan your finances.