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UAE – India Double Tax Treaty

UAE – India Double Tax Treaty

For a fruitful economic collaboration, the UAE and India have signed a double taxation agreement in 1993, an important treaty which encountered a few improvements until 2017. Such treaty was meant to avoid the fiscal evasion and to help companies or natural persons not to be levied twice for the same profit or income. Our accountants in Dubai can provide you with complete information about the tax treaty between the UAE and India. You might be interested in details about the taxation system in the UAE and about the fees to consider if you have a business in Dubai.

Taxes covered by the UAE – India double tax treaty

The income, the corporate tax, the dividends, the royalties, the pensions and the wages cannot be levied twice, as mentioned in the double taxation convention between the UAE and India. In other words, Indian companies with permanent establishments in the UAE will pay the corporate tax only in UAE due to its business registered here. We remind that persons having residency and working in the UAE will not be taxed on the personal incomes, as such levy is not imposed for personal revenues in the country. But if you are a citizen of India with profits in the UAE and also in the home country, you will be levied in both states, in accordance with the local laws.

If you want more details about the double taxation agreements signed by the UAE with different countries worldwide, you may address our Dubai accountants. Moreover, if you have a company in Dubai, you should solicit financial consultancy in taxation matters and also audit services in Dubai, our advisors have comprehensive expertise in these sectors.

Who can benefit from the DTT UAE – India provisions?

The shipping and air companies are also subject to taxation in both countries, where the taxes on profits will be imposed one time, in the country where such businesses are registered.  We remind you that according to the double taxation treaty between the UAE and India, an Indian citizen with a work contract in the UAE needs to pay the levies related to the revenues obtained in the Emirates.

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Additional information regarding the DTT between the UAE and India can be obtained from our accounting firm in Dubai if you contact us.