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UAE – Egypt Double Tax Treaty

UAE – Egypt Double Tax Treaty

The double taxation agreement between the UAE and Egypt was signed in 1994 and entered into force one year later. This agreement allows a compensation for the tax paid in one of the two states against the fee payable in the other country, avoiding in this manner the double taxation. Our accountants in Dubai can provide you with information about all the double taxation treaties agreed by the UAE with different countries worldwide, including the one accepted with the Arab Republic of Egypt. You can also receive accounting services in Dubai for your company in Dubai.

UAE – Egypt double tax treaty provisions

The UAE and Egypt are two countries with strong economic relationships and excellent collaboration for many years, therefore, a double taxation agreement was mandatory. The provisions of the significant arrangement between the two states concern the resident individuals of UAE and Egypt related to the income and corporate taxes which can be imposed in either country.

An enterprise established in the UAE or Egypt will pay the income tax in the country where it performs the activities. In other words, specific incomes of a company, which are taxed in the UAE, will not be levied in Egypt. There are tax reductions or elimination for dividends, exemptions from capital gain taxes and for cargos involved in shipping, all of them covered by the double taxation agreement between the UAE and Egypt. For questions related to the taxation in the UAE, you may solicit assistance and suitable information from our accounting firms in Dubai.

Double tax convention for natural person in the UAE and Egypt

Salaries, pensions or other personal incomes of natural persons are covered by the double taxation treaty between the UEA and Egypt. One should know that if he has a legal work contract in Dubai, as a citizen of the Arab Republic of Egypt, he/she will be not taxed in the UAE, but he might be levied in his home country for the gained revenues.

Strong collaboration between the UAE and Egypt

The United Arab Emirates and Egypt developed fruitful collaborations since 1971 in areas like economics, politics, or culture. The UAE  isa strong investor in Egypt in numerous sectors of interest. The import and export businesses between the two states encountered success, the UAE being a reliable partner for Egypt in crisis moments where food was a terrible issue. We remind you that you can ask for audits in Dubai, which are available for your company in the city, no matter the field of activity.

An audit company in Dubai will be at your disposal with personalized services in this regard. There are a number of procedures with which you can check the financial situation of the company you own. If errors are discovered in the existing documents or in various procedures, our specialists can propose various measures that can be easily implemented. discuss, therefore, all these aspects related to the audit, with one of our experts.

Please feel free to contact our team of accountants in Dubai for additional information about the UAE and Egypt double taxation agreement.