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HR Services in Dubai

HR Services in Dubai

HR service refers to the various functions and activities provided by our Human Resources (HR) department within an organization. These services are designed to support and manage the workforce, ensuring that the organization’s human capital is effectively recruited, developed, and retained. Our HR consultancy in Dubai encompasses a wide range of functions and responsibilities. For any kind of customized services, please consult with our accountants in Dubai.

 Quick Facts  
Regulatory environment   Compliance with UAE labor laws and regulations.

Multilingual support 

Our HR services in Dubai are available in English and Arabic. 


Our Dubai consultants help in hiring local and international talents. 

Visa services  Our HR consultants can guide clients through UAE immigration procedures, ensuring foreign employees obtain the requisite and current employment visas. We provide advice and support for UAE inbound arrangements, facilitating the seamless processing of employment visas for compliance.  
Payroll management 

We ensure compliance with local salary and tax regulations. If you need any HR services in Dubai, please consult us. 

Legal compliance 

 Our accountants in Dubai ensure adherence to labor and employment laws. So, if you need any assistance, get in touch with our accountants. 

Termination support 

Our specialists can give you guidance and practical assistance on employee terminations and exit processes.   

Employee relations 

We help you resolve conflicts and foster positive work relationships. 

Emiratization support 

Our HR consultants help in meeting local Emiratization requirements. 

HR technology  Utilization of technology for HR processes and management is crucial to stay updated. If you need our HR services in Dubai, please get in touch with our specialists. 
Workforce planning 

Engaging in workforce planning in Dubai proves advantageous for both current operations and future growth. 


We ensure confidentiality in handling sensitive HR matters in Dubai.  

Cultural sensitivity 

Learn awareness and adaptation to the local Dubai culture with the help of our specialists.  

 Legal documentation

Draft and review employment contracts and agreements with our help.  

Continuous support  We offer ongoing support for HR-related issues and developments. Contact us for assistance.  

List of services offered by our HR agency in Dubai

Our Human Resource (HR) services in Dubai, like in many other global locations, encompass a wide range of functions and support for businesses and organizations operating in the emirate. Here are some key services you can expect to find from our HR agency in Dubai:

  • Employee onboarding: HR services often include the development and implementation of comprehensive onboarding programs for new hires. This ensures a smooth transition into the organization and helps employees become productive quickly. Our HR consultancy in Dubai can offer you expert assistance regarding employee onboarding.
  • Recruitment and staffing: Our HR agency in Dubai assists companies in finding and hiring qualified candidates for various positions. Finding, screening, and interviewing candidates is part of this, along with reference and background checks.
  • Employee relations: Our HR outsourcing company in Dubai helps manage and resolve workplace conflicts, grievances, and disputes. They also ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, including the UAE Labor Law.
  • Compensation and benefits: Our HR agency in Dubai provides support in designing competitive compensation packages, including salaries, bonuses, and benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans, to attract and retain talent.
  • Performance management: Our HR team assists in developing and implementing performance appraisal systems, setting goals, providing feedback, and addressing performance issues. If you need any such services, please consult with our HR consultants in Dubai.
  • Training and development: Our HR outsourcing company in Dubai organizes training programs to enhance employees’ skills and knowledge, helping them grow within their roles and contribute more effectively to the organization.
  • Legal compliance: HR services in Dubai ensure that businesses adhere to local labor laws and regulations, including visa and work permit requirements for expatriate employees. It is essential to comply with immigration law requirements in Dubai. In case of any non-compliance, you might face penalties. If you need any information or practical assistance in this regard, you are welcome to avail our HR consultancy in Dubai.
  • Outsourcing: Some companies opt to outsource their entire HR function, including payroll, to third-party HR service providers in Dubai to reduce costs and administrative burdens. For this, the services of our HR outsourcing company in Dubai are at your disposal.
  • Strategic HR consulting: Our HR consultants in Dubai provide strategic advice to businesses on workforce planning, organizational development, and talent management to align HR practices with overall business goals.
  • Emiratization services: Given the UAE government’s emphasis on Emiratization (the employment of UAE nationals), our HR services may also include strategies and programs to support the hiring and development of local talent.

It’s important to note that the specific HR services in Dubai can vary widely based on the size and industry of the organization, as well as its specific HR needs and preferences. Additionally, regulations and labor laws may change over time, so it’s crucial to stay updated on the latest requirements when operating in Dubai.

Foreign companies in UAE

The UAE is initiating ambitious reform efforts centered on promoting economic growth, enhancing the business environment, enticing foreign investors, and fostering job creation. Please find below the number of foreign companies in the UAE:

  • In the first quarter of 2022, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) reported that 665 new companies were registered in the free zone;
  • According to a report from the state news agency WAM, the UAE witnessed a 3.5 percent rise in the count of foreign companies conducting business in the country in December 2020;

You are welcome to contact our HR agency in Dubai for further details.

Furthermore, if you need any further information about taxes in Dubai, please get in touch with our Dubai accountants.