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UAE – Greece Double Tax Treaty

UAE – Greece Double Tax Treaty

With an attractive business environment and a great taxation regimeUAE is considered the proper place to start numerous activities, open companies or to simply make investmentsUAE has many fruitful collaborations with countries worldwide, including Greece, where a double taxation agreement was necessary. The treaty was signed in June 2008 and entered into force a year later. Our accountants in Dubai can offer complete information about the double tax treaty between UAE and Greece and also advice in tax matters for your company in Dubai.

Taxes covered by the UAE – Greece double tax treaty

The important double taxation agreement signed by the UAE and Greece in 2008 refers to both companies and natural persons regarding taxation matters. Moreover, it is good to know that the taxation of interests, royalties, and dividends is subject to reduced rates, for instance, the royalties will be levied with no more than a 5% tax rate, in accordance with the signed treaty. Besides that, the dividend tax is set to 5% for titleholders who own at least 25% of the shares in the company paying the dividends.

An investor who wants to obtain credit in his home state, the UAE or Greece in our case, is exempt from taxation if the makes proof of the paid taxes in one of the countries where he/she has registered activities. Additional information about the double tax treaty between the UAE and Greece can be obtained from our team of accountants in Dubai. We remind you that a company also needs audit services in Dubai, an important matter that can be solved and issued by our financial advisors.

UAE – Greece double tax treaty benefits

The importance of this convention comes with numerous benefits for investors in the UAE and Greece. For instance, fiscal evasion can be avoided in all sectors mentioned in the treaty, and besides that, the incomes, salaries, pensions, and other important revenue sources can be protected the double taxation. In the same category enter the gains from immovable properties and transportation by air or by sea.

If you need an audit in Dubai for the company you own, we suggest you discuss all the aspects with one of our certified accountants. With the help of our specialists, you will know every time in which position your company is, from a financial point of view. Thus, a series of financial reports can be prepared, which can be reviewed by managers and company owners. Where appropriate, specific measures can be proposed to maintain the company’s business direction.

Please feel free to contact our accounting firm in Dubai for extra details about the UAE and Greece double tax treaty and about the needed financial services for your company.