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Accounting Firm in Abu Dhabi

Accounting Firm in Abu Dhabi

The services provided by our accounting firms in Abu Dhabi are at the disposal of company owners who need professional support and externalized services and many more. Our team of accountants in Abu Dhabi is at your disposal if you decide on working with us and rely on our experience in the field. All your requests can be addressed at any time, so please feel free to get in touch with us by email or phone, and find out all you need to know about the services we can provide for your business.

Bookkeeping services in Abu Dhabi

All the financial transactions of a firm in Abu Dhabi can be controlled and verified with the help of bookkeeping. Effective payroll, issuance of invoices, the control of payable and receivable accounts of a company in Abu Dhabi are part of bookkeeping services our accounting firm in Abu Dhabi can offer. The same specialists can oversee a series of financial activities, plus cash books, income statements, daybooks, and petty cash book records. If you would like to know more about the accounting services our firm in Abu Dhabi can provide for your company, you can talk to our financial experts at any time. It is advisable to have the support of an accounting firm in Abu Dhabi right from the start of the activities of your company.

Payroll services in Abu Dhabi

Payroll services are other important parts of accounting and refer to payroll tax calculations, payroll records, salary reports, paycheck, and direct deposits, and the distribution of wages and salaries, to name a few. Our accounting firm in Abu Dhabi work with a series of payroll programs accepted worldwide, with respect to local laws, so you have the guarantee that our specialists have the necessary skills and experience. We also mention that the prices for payroll services will be established in agreement with a series of aspects, like the number of employees, the size of the company in Abu Dhabi, and many more. Please feel free to solicit payroll services and find out more about our offers.

Payroll services in Dubai can be offered to company owners regardless of the activities performed. Thus, with the help of these services, salaries can be calculated and delivered to the employees’ accounts, according to internal regulations and management decisions. Our specialists can also take care of staff recruitment, as well as the registration of new employees, not before the preparation of the necessary documents. If you want more information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

The preparation of annual financial statements

Companies in Abu Dhabi have the obligation of preparing and submitting the annual financial statements, with respect to the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). This is another important part of the accounting services our specialists can handle. Limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, partnerships plus other important businesses are obliged to prepare annual financial statements. It is important to note that audits in Abu Dhabi will be based on the annual financial statements provided by a company. The annual financial statements will provide complete information about all the financial aspects of the firm, in a transparent and accurate manner. The reported incomes, profit & loss, and payments revealed after an audit procedure are related to the accuracy of the annual financial statements. Here are the main documents, part of the annual financial statements of companies in Abu Dhabi:

  • Cash flow statements with information about the ways the cash is spent in the firm.
  • A balance sheet that shows the entire capital of the company.
  • Statement of shareholders’ equity with information about equity transactions, dividends, etc.
  • Income state with details about the incomes and expenses in a company year.

If you would like to know more about the services we can offer for your firm, you can simply get in touch with our accounting firm in Abu Dhabi.

Audits in Abu Dhabi

The legislation of UAE obliges companies with activities in this country to perform audits, with respect to the requirements imposed. An audit will reveal complete information about the financial status of a company. You can rely on the support of our accounting firm in Abu Dhabi for company audits and you can also pay attention to a few facts about these procedures:

  1. Statutory audits or financial statement audits involve the verification of the company’s financial documents. This kind of task is made by an independent and accredited auditor, in respect to the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). If there are vulnerable areas from a financial point of view in the company, a statutory audit will reveal such an aspect.
  2. An audit in Abu Dhabi is conducted in complete objectivity and transparency. Once the vulnerable areas are detected, specific financial measures can be adopted and implemented in the firm.
  3. The profits of a company can be optimized after the audit reports presented to owners and managers. Alongside the auditors, company shareholders and directors must agree on future business plans and solutions.
  4. Internal and external audits can be performed by our accountants in Abu Dhabi to companies in this city.
  5. If you decide on working with our accounting firm in Abu Dhabi, please feel free to send your inquiries to our team and then rely on our complete support in any related aspect. 

Short facts about audits in Abu Dhabi free trade zones

Companies registered in the free trade zones of Abu Dhabi must prepare the annual financial statements. These are normally audited every year and submitted at the time the application for trade license renewal is made. We remind you that the company financial accounts must be presented accurately for further reports and audits. These aspects enter the attention of our accounting firm in Abu Dhabi, so you can hire our services and make sure you respect the accounting rules and regulations imposed for business in the free trade zones in the UAE. More on this topic can be debated with our specialists.

Investing in UAE

International entrepreneurs who decide on business development in the Arabian Gulf can choose Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, for further investments, profits, and success. The city attracts a large number of foreign investors on a yearly basis, thanks to the relaxed and appealing business rules and environment, economy, and many more. Here are some facts and figures about the UAE’s economy and FDI:

  1. Around USD 154 billion was the total FDI stock for period 2018-2019 in the UAE;
  2. Approximately USD 13,557 million was the total value of greenfield investments in 2019 in UAE;
  3. The 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank ranks the UAE 16th out of 190 economies in the world;
  4. The UK, the US, India, Saudi Arabia, and France are the main investors of UAE.

FAQ about accounting in Abu Dhabi

1. Can I ask for bookkeeping for my company in Abu Dhabi?
Yes, bookkeeping is an important part of the accounting-related matters that are required for a firm. All the financial records of a company are kept with the help of bookkeeping and related documents.

2. Can I ask for payroll in Abu Dhabi?
Yes, payroll is essential for small, medium, and large companies in Abu Dhabi. The distribution of salaries, wages tax calculation, and other relevant aspects are comprised by payroll. Our accountants in Abu Dhabi can tell you more about the importance of payroll for a firm in Abu Dhabi.

3. Is the preparation of annual financial statements important for a company in Abu Dhabi.
The preparation of annual financial statements in Abu Dhabi is required for companies of any kind of size or activity. All the financial operations of a firm are revealed by the financial statements that must be prepared each year.

4. Can an accounting firm in Abu Dhabi provide for complete financial reports?
Yes, our accountants in Abu Dhabi can tell you more about the financial reports a company needs. Specific procedures can be implemented in the firm, yet, our specialists can tell you more on this topic.

5. Why should I choose the services of the accounting firms in Abu Dhabi?
We have specialists and certified accountants who can cover all the related aspects necessary for a company. Our clients can rely on professionalism, transparency, and confidence when working with our accounting firm in Abu Dhabi.

Services offered by our accounting firm in Abu Dhabi

When choosing the accounting firm in Abu Dhabi, company owners will have to pay attention to all the aspects involved, starting with the experience of the accountants and ending with the services provided. Complete financial analyses and reports, bookkeeping, payroll, annual financial statements are part of the accounting services a company can receive in Abu Dhabi, in order to align and respect the applicable laws and regulations.

Choosing our accounting specialists in Abu Dhabi

Companies with operations in Abu Dhabi must associate with the requirements in the accounting field and prepare all the financial documents in respect to the local and international regulations. Some companies have a dedicated accounting firm, however, externalized accounting services are better options. This is where our accounting firms in Abu Dhabi can be hired for small, medium, and large companies in the capital of UAE. Instead of verifying the monthly expenses of an entire accounting department in the firm, you can benefit from complete information about the services offered by a dedicated and professional team of accountants in Abu Dhabi. We work only with certified and experienced accountants in Abu Dhabi and we recommend you get in touch with our specialists if you need further details.

For more details about the accounting services we can offer, feel free to contact our accounting firms in Abu Dhabi.