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Legal Requirements Related to Hiring an Accountant in Dubai

Legal Requirements Related to Hiring an Accountant in Dubai

Each company with financial operations in Dubai must hire the services of an accounting firm and respect the accounting standards as agreed on an international scale. Foreign investors have the possibility of choosing the proper services for their firm by hiring a specialized accountant who can take care of the daily financial activities and many more. We invite you to address to our team of accountants in Dubai and solicit information about how you can receive accounting services and what are the legal requirements in this matter.

What are the conditions for hiring an accountant in Dubai?

First of all, a company interested in hiring the services of an accountant in Dubai should verify if the expert can prove, he/she is a Certified Public Accountant or has the CPA in Dubai. It is definitely the main condition which stands at the base of deciding on a particular accountant in Dubai. Companies in the UAE are interested in business consultancy, tax advice, financial planning, payroll, and bookkeeping when soliciting an accountant in Dubai, therefore, the background, the qualifications and the experience of such advisor is in most case the starting point when choosing such services.

What are the qualities of an accountant in Dubai?

Besides having the CPA that shows the accountant is qualified for such services, a company must have an idea about the portfolio of the advisor and if he/she works in complete transparency when dealing with the financial operations in a firm. As for the audits in Dubai, these need to be made in respect with the Accounting Law in Dubai and with the provisions of IFRS or the International Financial and Reporting Standards.

We remind that our team of accountants in Dubai is at the disposal of entrepreneurs who want to do business in Dubai and need a team of specialists to take care of the financial operations in the firm.

Conditions to hire an accountant in Dubai

As soon as the company is registered for tax purposes, the next legal step is to create an accounting department or hire the services of such experts. You might want to observe the following matters when deciding for accounting services for your firm:

  • if you decide for an internal accountant, you must align with the annual salary conditions imposed in this field by the law;
  • an accountant must be certified in this field and proof in this sense is normally provided to the company;
  • a legal contract is necessary when hiring the services of an accountant;
  • for audits in Dubai, an accountant needs to be fully qualified in this area.

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For complete information about the accounting services we can provide for your firm in Dubai, we suggest you contact our accounting firm in Dubai at any time.