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UAE- Italy Double Tax Treaty

UAE- Italy Double Tax Treaty

The UAE – Italy double taxation agreement was meant to avoid the fiscal evasion and to protect the taxation on incomes. There are many other taxes which are covered by the double tax treaty between the UAE and Italy, and further information in this matter can be obtained from our accountants in Dubai. Besides that, you can also solicit financial services for your company or business in Dubai.

Taxes covered by the UAE – Italy double tax treaty

The corporate, the local and the personal income taxes are covered by the double tax agreement between the UAE and Italy. It is good to know that the income tax for natural persons in Dubai is also protected by the agreement. If an individual is a resident of the UAE will only pay taxes in this country, but if he/she has other revenues in Italy, he/she will only pay taxes in this country in accordance with the laws here. The double taxation treaty between the UAE and Italy was meant to strengthen foreign investment and to avoid double taxation on the incomes of companies with registered businesses in one of the contracting states. As for the establishments settled permanently in the UAE or Italy, these are going to be levied in the country where the activities are performed.

Please solicit additional information about the taxation system in the UAE and about the double tax treaty signed by this country by our Dubai accountants. If you need audit services in Dubai, you can also talk to our advisors in this matter.

The UAE – Italy double taxation agreement and the levies on profits

The important agreement also applies for the avoidance of double taxation on incomes derived from associated companies, transport enterprises, immovable properties, capital gains, interests, dividends, royalties and pension funds, where special tax rates are imposed. We remind that individuals from the UAE and Italy have the same rights regarding the taxes which need to be paid, as mentioned in the convention between the two countries.

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If you want more details about the double taxation agreement between the UAE and Italy, we invite you to contact our accounting firm in Dubai.