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Payroll Service in Dubai

Payroll Service in Dubai

The appealing tax system and the business climate in the UAE are two important reasons for international entrepreneurs to relocate or establish their activities in this part of the Arabian Gulf. Those looking to externalize the accounting services can talk to one of our experienced team of accountants in Dubai and solicit details about bookkeeping or payroll services. Complete assistance is also offered for audits in Dubai, so feel free to address your inquiries in this matter to our consultants.

 Quick Facts  
Why should you outsource the payroll services in Dubai?


– cost reduction,

– flexibility,

– advantages offered by our dedicated team of accountants in Dubai,

– professional services

What does payroll involve?

– salary calculation,

– tax returns on salaries,

– salary payslips,

– HR solutions

Types of services provided by our accountants in Dubai

– monthly payroll,

– preparation of payment orders,

– employee registration,

– termination filings,

– statistical reports,

– assistance during financial controls

We provide support for Labour Inspectorate verifications (YES/NO) Yes
Medical leave calculation (YES/NO)


Management reporting and cost analysis (YES/NO) Yes
Statutory reporting

If solicited

HR services offered (YES/NO) Yes 
Recruiting personnel (YES/NO)


Personnel administration (YES/NO)


Preparation of declarations (YES/NO)


Bank transfers related to salaries (YES/NO)


We provide complete accounting services in Dubai (YES/NO) Yes
Costs of payroll services in Dubai

Depending of the size of the company and the numbers of employees

Free case evaluation for companies in Dubai

Yes, our Dubai accountants can provide comprehensive information.

 Payroll processing services Our accountants in Dubai offer professional payroll processing services to businesses, ensuring accurate and timely salary payments. 

 Employee data management

 Our payroll service providers in Dubai handle employee data management, including employee records and personal information.

 Salary calculation and processing

 Our team calculates and processes employee salaries, considering factors like deductions and bonuses.

 Payroll taxation  Our accountants manage the calculation and management of payroll taxes for businesses and employees.
End-of-service benefits 

 Our specialists take care of the calculation and administration of end-of-service benefits for employees in Dubai.

 Compliance with labor laws

 Our payroll service providers ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations regarding employee salary payments.

 Leave and attendance management

 Our accountants in Dubai help manage employee leave and attendance records, ensuring accurate calculation of salary payments.

 Overtime and shift allowances

 We handle the calculation and processing of overtime payments and shift allowances.

 WPS (Wage Protection System) compliance

 Our accountants in Dubai comply with the Wage Protection System requirements, ensuring timely salary transfers.

Employee self-service portals  We offer employee self-service portals, allowing employees to access their payroll information online. 
Deduction management 

 Our payroll services manage deductions, such as taxes, social security contributions, health insurance, and loans.

Confidentiality and data security 

 We ensure the confidentiality and security of employee data in compliance with regulations.


Our accountants in Dubai support multi-currency payments, especially beneficial for businesses with international employees. 

 Cost efficiency and scalability

 Payroll services offer cost-efficiency and scalability options, adapting to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

 Customized payroll solutions  Our accountants provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses operating in Dubai.

Payroll process in Dubai

After the implementation of WPS (Wage Protection System) within the UAE, the properly documented payroll process is imperative for all the companies located there. This is one of the main reasons why on-shore, as well as off-shore companies, are now looking for support throughout the entire process. Look no further, as our accountants in Dubai can offer you solutions for every single question or situation that you might have regarding payroll facilities. Get in touch with our payroll outsourcing company in Dubai.

Our audit company in Dubai offers you complete services if you own a company in this city. As there is an obligation to prepare periodic audits, we recommend that you consider this aspect and ask for specialized help. Thus, the auditors’ financial reports can reveal the company’s financial position, as well as recommendations for measures in case certain financial risks or potential fraud are discovered. One can benefit from our complete support in matters of audits and financial reports.

HR procedures, policies, and regulations

When the company is operating across borders and you need to employ international workers, our accounting services in Dubai will help you with the planning, so that you will be fully compliant with HR procedures, policies, and local regulatory requirements. This means that non-compliant companies risk facing legal sanctions. In case of any situation like this, our Dubai accountants will gladly accept your call and provide in-depth support and assistance for any accounting matter you might have. Here is also a video presentation about the payroll services we offer in Dubai

The WPS – wages protection system

The Central Bank is the one that approves and authorizes all bank transfers within UAE. The electronic salary system was first introduced in the country in 2009 and companies are allowed to pay wages to their workers through financial institutions and banks. The system was developed also by the UAE Central Bank, along with the Ministry of Labour. This happened to ensure full, timely payments of wages, all through the database. Here is what you need to know about companies and payroll services in Dubai:

  1. Companies that fail to follow this process will have to pay fines, will not be able to obtain any more work permits, and face punishments. 
  2. In order for a company to participate in this system, it must choose one or more banks (or agents), all of them licensed by the Central Bank.
  3. The moment when the company’s authorized bank receives the salaries, a notification is sent to the WPS.
  4. The system will send details and wages to the workers, as well as the instructions for electronic salary transfer to the Central Bank of UAE.

The bank will forward the information received to the database of the Ministry of Labour, thus ensuring that the details correspond with the ones registered. When the information received is approved, the appointed agent will be notified to start paying all the wages. Extra details can be found if you contact our payroll outsourcing company in Dubai. Plus, you can discover the following infographic we have prepared:

What types of payroll services are needed for a company in Dubai?

Companies soliciting accounting and payroll services can receive a list of facilities that come in this matter. For instance, continuous payroll processing is needed for companies in Dubai, alongside real-time calculation, salary reports, direct deposits and paychecks, adjustment management for planning the commissions, reimbursements, and bonuses, plus tax filing services and payment. Most payroll systems generate complete analysis reports, computerized tax table updates, alerts, and all sorts of hire reports. Accounting firms in Dubai use special payroll systems that are also connected with the taxes for employees in the company if any.

Payroll services and companies in Dubai

Our accounting firm in Dubai is also specialized in payroll services provided to companies in Dubai. All the payroll processes and human resources tasks are handled by a team of professionals who is at your service if you are interested in such matters. Payroll services comprise all sorts of duties, like calculating the payroll taxes, making adjustments to deposit accounts, monitoring employee attendance, working hours, etc., delivering electronic payroll records, and making sure the payroll respects the applicable laws. Most payroll services include a very important set of tasks referring to HR support. This means that employers will not have to worry about labor laws and legal obligations, plus any regulation modifications that might arise. 

Even though an in-house payroll department might be the choice of companies established in Dubai, there is also the solution of externalizing these services and benefiting from a series of advantages, including the ones related to accountability. It is recommended to solicit the support of a payroll outsourcing company in Dubai.

Are payroll services expensive?

Accounting firms in Dubai offering payroll services normally provide prices in agreement with the size of the company, the number of employees, extra liabilities, etc. A full-service payroll provider also offers complete human resources services for your company, plus complete access to information about employees, paychecks, taxes, timesheets, etc.

What are the benefits of a payroll system?

Payroll services can be provided by our team of accountants in Dubai to all companies in the UAE that have a series of advantages:

  1. A payroll system is an automated service through which reports can be generated.
  2. A payroll manager is in charge of daily operations involving the employees of a firm.
  3. Payroll systems are not complicated and provide correct information without considering any errors.
  4. All payroll systems are cloud-based, so there is no need to worry about losing information.

Because each business is different, payroll systems can be tailored to the needs of the firm. In recent years, manual bookkeeping has been replaced by all sorts of automated systems that provide immediate reports, correct information, and minimal risks. It is often the choice of small, medium, and large companies of having an externalized payroll service, instead of creating an entire department. More than that, an accounting firm in Dubai offers a wide range of services where accounting, payroll, tax compliance, audits, and company management are included.

Payroll services for small companies in Dubai – Can I receive support?

Yes, small companies in Dubai need payroll services that can be handled by our team of consultants and specialists. HR support in terms of payroll services is needed for any kind of company, including for small businesses in Dubai. They can benefit from payroll tax services, working hours, electronic payroll delivery, employment evidence management services, support for labor contracts, and audits and inspections if it is the case. If you would like a personalized offer with our payroll services for companies in Dubai, we kindly recommend you talk to our team of accountants in Dubai. They can also help you with audits and other related services.

Payroll and Labor Code in Dubai

The Labor Law in the UAE comprises all the provisions related to the employee’s rights and responsibilities, alongside the ones of the employers in this country. This is an important set of laws that highlights a series of payroll attributes, such as the minimum salary that needs to be guaranteed for workers, the calculation of social contributions, etc. We remind you that there is no personal income tax imposed on incomes generated in the UAE, not even on incomes from real estate transactions, inheritance, dividends, etc. 

Complete payroll solutions for companies in Dubai

No matter if you have a small, medium, or large company in Dubai, it is recommended to externalize the accounting services and benefit from complete support from our team of accountants in Dubai. Outsourcing payroll services is a great idea for business owners in Dubai. Among these services, we mention the preparation of payment orders, employee contract registration, monthly payroll for employees, statistical reports in agreement with the entitled institutions, electronic payslip preparation, and supply, plus complete assistance in the case of controls from tax institutions in Dubai. Feel free to talk to our team of accountants in Dubai and ask for support in matters of payroll services.

HR solutions for your company in Dubai

The local and international legislation and policies are important for companies in Dubai, so a specialized team of accountants and consultants can provide the needed support right from the start of your business. The preparation of employment contracts, support for providing training assistance, and support for any kind of employee query are among the important tasks of a team of HR specialists. Our team of professionals is at your disposal with complete assistance and information if you are interested in HR solutions for your company.

FAQ about payroll in Dubai

1. Why do I need payroll services for my company?
Payroll services are strongly related to the employees of a company, in matters of salaries, work contracts, wage reports, HR support, paycheck and direct deposits, employment reports, and many more. A team of accountants in Dubai can tell you more about these aspects.

2. Can I ask for payroll services from a specialized firm in Dubai?
Yes, if you want to externalize the accounting and HR services for your company in Dubai, it is suggested to ask for the support of a specialized team from our payroll outsourcing company in Dubai. They can implement a series of important tasks for your firm, with respect to the applicable laws.

3. Costs of payroll services. Are these expensive?
The costs of payroll services for companies in Dubai will depend on the size of the firm, the number of employees, etc. You can benefit from a personalized offer from our team of accountants in Dubai if you are interested in payroll and HR services.

4. What types of payroll services can I receive for my firm in Dubai?
We use all sorts of payroll systems, in respect to the applicable laws in the UAE. Salary reports, the payment of wages, tax filing services, hire reports, support for the preparation of work contracts, and varied analysis reports are among the services you can receive for your company in Dubai.

5. What are the benefits of a payroll system in Dubai?
All payroll systems are cloud-based and are automated services, so you won’t lose any related information. More than that, you will benefit from the services of a payroll manager assigned to your company and in charge of all the daily operations related to employees, payments, and many more.

6. Are personnel administration services offered in Dubai?
Yes, you can ask for personnel administration services in Dubai if you already receive payroll services. Our specialists can handle employment contracts, hiring staff, preparing leave documents for employees, and many more. Feel free to discuss all the aspects with our experts.

7. Can I receive payroll services for a small company in Dubai?
Yes, no matter the type and the size of business you have in Dubai, payroll services are quite recommended. It is suggested to have a specialized team by your side and enjoy the related benefits. We offer tailored payroll services to the company needs of our customers in Dubai.

8. Is payroll delivery an option for my company in Dubai?
Payroll delivery is part of our accounting services in Dubai. All the facilities you can receive can be explained by our accountants in Dubai. We are here to help you focus more on your business while we handle a wide range of accounting aspects, including payroll services in Dubai.

9. Is it hard to hire a specialized accountant in Dubai?
You can rely on the experience and professionalism of our accountants in Dubai and receive tailored services. Bookkeeping, payroll services in Dubai, and preparation of annual financial statements are important for a company in Dubai, regardless of size.

10. Are externalized payroll services in Dubai proper solutions for my company?
Yes, company owners in Dubai can enjoy the advantages of externalized accounting services, including payroll. The cost-effective services are attentively measured when hiring the services of an accounting firm in Dubai.

The experience of our team of accountants in Dubai will weigh much in front of domestic and international investors who want to do business in the UAE. Ensure you properly analyze the offers and choose in agreement with your business needs. We remind you that you can receive a personalized offer with our services.

Short facts about employment contracts in Dubai

We mention from the start that our specialists can handle employment contracts in your firm if you decide on payroll and personnel administration services in Dubai. An employment contract in Dubai is a written agreement signed between the employer and employee and comprises the following:

  1. The duration of the contract, whether for an unlimited or limited period.
  2. The job title, job description, duties and responsibilities, and basic salary.
  3. Information about termination conditions.
  4. The reporting structure.
  5. The probation period.
  6. Information about basic labor laws, responsibilities of the employer, and also of the employee.

The termination of a contract can intervene by mutual agreement or from other reasons like not respecting the rules and regulations of the company, failing to meet performance standards, disclosing company secrets, being absent from work, being accused of criminal offences, etc. Closing a work contract and the formalities imposed on entering the attention of our specialists. Interested in complete payroll services in Dubai? Please discuss this with one of our accountants in Dubai and find out how we can help you and your company.

Accounting services in Dubai – Who we can help

The accounting services offered by our accounting firm in Dubai can be tailored to the needs of our customers and the companies they owned, no matter if these are registered with foreign capital or not. Having externalized accounting services instead of creating a whole department in the company will prove a great solution for local and international entrepreneurs in Dubai. There are many advantages to hiring the services of an accounting firm for your business in Dubai and mostly relates to the costs in the company that can be entirely controlled from this point of view. Our dedicated team of accountants will explain to you the type of accounting services you need for your company, to be sure you respect the applicable local and international laws of accounting.

Bookkeeping, payroll services in Dubai, preparing the annual financial statements, tax compliance, and management, complete financial reports, company management, registration with the tax authorities, human resources management, audits in Dubai, tax minimization methods, plus business advice can be offered by our team of accountants in Dubai. Each business is different, so dedicated accounting services are provided by our experts in Dubai. If you decide on hiring the services of our accounting firm in Dubai and want more details and assistance in this direction, you should send your inquiries to our team and see how they can customize the facilities with respect to your requirements and needs in the firm.

Why choose our accountants in Dubai

Having a wide experience in the accounting area represents the business card of our accountants for small, medium, and large enterprises in Dubai asking for different services. All the financial matters in the company can be properly handled by our team of accountants who can also provide complete payroll services. 

In terms of business and investments, Dubai is an ideal destination for entrepreneurs wanting to thrive and generate profits in all sectors of interest. Here are a few facts and figures you might find interesting:

  • USD 4.84 billion is the value of investments for the first 6 months of 2018;
  • UAE ranks 11th out of 190 countries in terms of economy, according to the 2019 Doing Business report;
  • UAE signs around 50 bilateral investment agreements with countries worldwide;
  • 10 is the index of transaction transparency for UAE and 9 is the index of the manager’s responsibility when it comes to the protection of investors.

Besides all of these details, our auditing firms in Dubai will help you with financial matters, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.