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UAE- Ireland Double Tax Treaty

UAE- Ireland Double Tax Treaty

To strengthen the mutual economic collaboration and to reduce certain taxes, the UAE and Ireland agreed on a double taxation treaty in 2010. The same convention offers numerous measures to attract and to encourage the investments between the two states. If you are interested in details about the taxes covered by this important convention, you may solicit information from our accountants in Dubai. Besides that, you can ask for financial consultancy if you have decided to set up a company in Dubai.

Taxes covered by the UAE – Ireland double tax treaty

Enterprises with registered activities in the UAE or in Ireland have the possibility to pay the taxes only in one of the states mentioned above, this way avoiding the double taxation. In this category enter the capital gains, the income, and the corporate tax, as stipulated by the double taxation agreement between the UAE and Ireland. Moreover, it is good to know that the withholding tax is 0% on interests, and low taxes are imposed on royalties and dividends.

Once you have decided to establish your company in the UAE as an entrepreneur from Ireland, it is recommended to ask for tax advice from our Dubai accountant. We remind that any company in the UAE should solicit audit services in Dubai, a case where our team can provide complete help and guidance.

Other provisions mentioned in the DTT between the UAE and Ireland

For the moment, the salaries, wages, retirement benefits, and pensions gained in the UAE are not subject to taxation. But if you are a person who registers incomes both in the UAE and Ireland and has a work contract in Dubai, you might have to pay taxes in the home country. We remind you that the UAE has a special taxation system and companies with permanent establishments might the subject to taxation, for instance, the branches, offices, factories, or places of management.

Our team can offer payroll services in Dubai if you own a company in this city. We can take care of the calculation and distribution of salaries for the company’s employees, not before paying the related taxes. We also offer support for staff recruiting and employee registration, as well as specialized assistance for controls performed by the labor inspectorate. If you need management reporting and cost analysis, do not hesitate to call us or contact us online.

For any other particular information regarding the taxes in Dubai for you or for your company, we remind that our accounting firm in Dubai is ready to offer complete support. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.