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UAE – France Double Tax Treaty

UAE – France Double Tax Treaty

The UAE and France double taxation convention was signed in 1989 and entered into force in 1990. There has always been a fruitful collaboration between the two countries in a wide range of domains, where the agreement helped entirely, due to the important provisions related to the taxes. Our accountants in Dubai can offer complete information about the double taxation treaty between the UAE and France and can provide you with financial consulting for your business in Dubai.

Taxes covered by the UAE – France double tax agreement

The double tax treaty between the UAE and France applies to both companies and natural persons with activities in one of the contracting states. The income, the corporate, the inheritance, and the solidarity taxes of French people are covered by the signed convention with the UAE. The wages, pensions, investments, management fees, royalties, interests, and profits of oil companies are covered by the double taxation treaty signed between the UAE and France. We remind you that you can solicit audit services in Dubai if you have established a company here and you need tax advice.

Tax rates under the treaty between the UAE and France

Businessmen in Dubai should know that there are no taxes (0% tax rate) for interests, dividends, and royalties payments, according to the provisions stipulated under the double taxation agreement between the UAE and France. The same convention defines and agrees with the term “permanent establishment” for which particular taxes will be paid, as mentioned and settled by the two contracting states. The withholding tax is 0% and the gifts are not levied. With the important arrangement between the UAE and France, the authorities in both countries can control and eventually avoid fiscal evasion.

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Additional information about the double taxation treaty between the UAE and France can be solicited if you contact our accounting firm in Dubai. Complete accounting services can be provided upon request, no matter the type of company you own.