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UAE – Finland Double Tax Treaty

UAE – Finland Double Tax Treaty

In March 1996, the UAE and Finland signed the double taxation agreement, a necessary treaty for all companies from Finland that perform their activities in Dubai to be levied in only one country. Our accountants in Dubai can provide you with complete information and details about the UAE – Finland double taxation agreement. Businessmen who want to establish their presence on the market can also receive suitable financial consulting services from our representatives.

What you need to know about the UAE – Finland double tax treaty

The UAE has always been interested in gaining new business partners for economic development worldwide. This important agreement between the UAE and Finland covers income and corporate taxes, as well as levies on capital gains, royalties, and dividends related to natural persons or companies.  The rates are lower than the applicable fees paid by the countries that did not sign a double taxation treaty and are settled between 0% and 15%. The prevention of fiscal evasion is also a major aspect stipulated in the convention between Finland and the UAE. The withholding tax is 0% and the treaty also contains details about the taxation of gifts or inheritances.

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Double tax treaty for natural persons in the UAE and Finland

Many overseas citizens who legally work in Dubai benefit from the same system linked to the avoidance of the double taxation. The wages and the pensions are protected by the double tax agreement between the two states, and every citizen from Finland who has a work contract in the UAE will not be taxed for the gained incomes in Dubai, but they might be subject to taxation in the home country.

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