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Labor Authorities in Dubai

Labor Authorities in Dubai

The Labor Department in Dubai is in charge of issuing the work permits. The Labor Law implies all aspects of the employer and employee relationship. Our accountants in Dubai can provide you with information about the UAE Labor Law. Besides that, you can also receive accounting services, no matter if you own a large or a small company in Dubai.

Short overview of the Labor Law in Dubai

It is good to know from the beginning that the law is applicable to all Emirates and it is imposed by the Ministry of Labor in the UAE. The Labor Law in Dubai deals with all features related to legally working in Dubai and with the rights of both employer and employees which are also stipulated in the contracts., such as:

•    protection of the employees;
•    discipline rules;
•    social and medical care;
•    employment contracts; 
•    working hours;
•    inspections;
•    first aid in cases of injuries.

Any small or large company in Dubai needs to respect the rights of each employee and provide with all the details related to the contract or agreement before he starts working.

An audit firm in Dubai can offer you the necessary services for companies established in this city. With the help of our auditors, you will benefit from complete financial reports, which can underline the financial position of the company you own. If there is a need for special measures to be implemented, our auditors can provide you with all the necessary support for the smooth running of the company. Contact us, therefore, our team of specialists for complete auditing services.

Requirements to obtain a job in Dubai

Foreign persons who want to work in Dubai will need to file the application with the Ministry of Labor because it is the one in charge with the approvals after all the immigration procedures have been accomplished. Besides that, the authorities will ask the employer for a bank guarantee as a security for the end of services welfares and repatriation expenses associated to their overseas workers. A labor permit will be issued in order to start working in Dubai if the documents have been accepted.

What you need to know about the employment contract in Dubai

There are two types of contracts, the fixed one and the unlimited contract, and here are the main characteristics for each agreement:

•    the fixed term contract cannot exceed a 4 years period, but it can be renewed on mutual accord. If the employer wants to close the collaboration, then he should pay the compensations;
•    the unlimited term contract has no ending date, it is renewable, but if particular issues appear, the employer has the right to close the agreement with a 30 days’ notice of termination.

On the other hand, it is good to know that a contract stipulates details about the nature of the contract, the work, and information about the date of employment and about the remuneration. Our Dubai accountants can offer additional details about the work permitscontracts and other rules stipulated in the Labor Law in UAE.

Free zones in Dubai and the Labor Law

The Dubai Airport Free Zone and the Jebel Ali Free Zone are also subject to the Labour Law in UAE, regarding the contracts and the rights of the employees. It is good to know that the employees who work in the free zones in UAE are supported by the free zone authorities.

Please feel free to contact our accounting firms in Dubai, if you wish extra details and information about the Labor Law in UAE and the authorities in charge.